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All-Seeing Network Security 

GREYCORTEX MENDEL uses advanced artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data analysis to find threats, identify vulnerabilities, and gives your IT team full network visibility, while saving time.


• Malware, Ransomware (WannaCry, etc.), Zero-day & advanced threats

• Access Trojans (RATS)

• Mobile malware

• Data leakage and tunneled traffic



• Network dependency

• Vulnerable applications

• New and unknown BYOD

• Network misconfiguration

• Breach of internal security rules

• Network and application performance problems



• Higher security operations A network administration staff productivity

• Saves salary of 1-2 people

• Deployment takes minutes

• Easy to integrate with DIEM, SOC. or other systems

Easy User Interface

MENDEL identifies all IP-connected devices in the network, including their communications within the network, & even their states – like time or speed.